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About UHSPE WIN Congress

UH-SPE WIN Purpose:

  1. Educate SPE members to see their full potential and empower women in energy industry.

  2. Provide guidance to future women in energy.

  3. Define the communication relationship with women in the industry and share their experiences with our members

  4. Create opportunities in STEM for women who are interested

UH-SPE WIN Vision:

  1. Attract women into Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).

  2. Create/market women’s programs in SPE.

  3. Promote women leadership in UH SPE.

  4. Connect women in technical/leadership positions in the industry.

  5. Promote diversity as an industry goal.


UH-SPE organized WIN Congress Panel Series for the first time in history this Fall. We had three panelists for this series, Karen Olson, Michelle Wood, and Calicia Johnson. This annual event is a series of two panel sessions, one per semester. We are looking forward to starting this panel series within our organization.

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