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UHSPE Petrobowl Team

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Congratulations to the University of Houston-Society of Petroleum Engineers for partaking in the SPE Petrobowl Championship in Calagary, Canada following a fourth place position in the Regional Qualifiers. Over 32 University teams around the world competed for the trophy and being one of them was an honor for only the 2nd time in UH history! They have demonstrated a tremendous drive for student success as future Petroleum Engineers.

History of the Petrobowl Program

The PetroBowl® competition was founded in 2002, and was created, organized, and administered by the SPE Gulf Coast Section taking place once a year during the SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). As its popularity grew, a two stage pilot program was introduced in 2013 to transition the contest into a truly global event. This included two regional qualifiers taking place in Africa and Asia in 2014, and an expansion to six regional qualifiers in 2015. Following the successful completion of the pilot program, PetroBowl is now recognized as an SPE International global program.

PetroBowl Championship

The PetroBowl® contest is SPE's largest student competition. SPE Chapters from around the world participate in this quick-fire quiz covering a wide range of topics relevant to the E&P industry. Through this contest, the best students display their expertise and knowledge to a global audience.

2023 Team

Mayra Martinez
BS, Petroleum Engineering

2019 Championship


Congratulations for surpassing all expectations and going above and beyond to make it this far!

Special thanks to our sponsors for their support. The Activities Funding Board at UH were really supportive!

The 2019 PetroBowl® Championship took place during ATCE’s first visit to Canada. It was a cold day with over a foot of snow outside at Stampede Park. This year saw a significant drop in participating teams with 10 Teams unable to travel but the excitement and anticipation was still remarkable on the day. Ken Yeats, representing our 2019 program Sponsors Chevron, opened the day celebrating the talent and future endeavours students will accomplish.  

The contest saw many exciting and surprising results with some well-established teams leaving early and also saw two European Chapters making it to the final four for the first time. Many contests were neck and neck down to final time but in the end Louisiana State University won taking the lead 202 to 82 against IFP School. This is the first time LSU have become Champions and they have taken the PetroBowl® Trophy back to the USA after 5 years. 

1st Place – Louisiana State University, USA

2nd Place – IFP School, France

3rd Place – The University of Texas at Austin, USA

4th Place – AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

2020 Petrobowl Regional Qualifiers

Organization of the PetroBowl® Regional Qualifiers are planned collaboratively by the Regional Directors who operate within each PetroBowl Super Region. Each region will select up to five teams to represent them at the PetroBowl® Championship at ATCE. In addition to the teams from each region, the first and second place Chapters from the previous year’s Championship are also invited to defend their title. A total of 32 places are available for the Championship.

Game formats and rules may vary from region to region based on the resources available for each Regional Qualifier. Some regions may also have multiple games to allow for maximum participation. Please make sure to check carefully the specific requirements for the contest you plan to apply for.

North America

(North America and Canada Regions) - 9 February 2020

Qualifying Teams:

University of Oklahoma

Colorado School of Mines

Louisiana State University*

University of Houston

National Autonomous University of Mexico

The University of Texas at Austin

*Automatically Qualified as 2019 Champions


2020 Petrobowl Team


Recruiting Process

  • Regional Competition 2021 will be in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  • Championship 2021 will be held in Dubai

  • Professional training is available

  • Full sponsorship if selected as an official team members

  • Contact if you want to be a part of the team

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