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About Drillbotics

Drillbotics® is an international competition for universities to design and build a small drilling rig  that uses sensors and control algorithms to autonomously drill a rock sample provided by SPE’s Drilling Systems Automation Technical Section (DSATS).  Recently, teams may choose to model a full scale drilling rig.

This year marks the seventh competition for the title of Drillbotics® champion and a chance for sponsored travel to present a paper at the next SPE/IADC Drilling Conference. The past years involved undergraduates, masters and doctoral students from a variety of disciplines who built innovative drilling machines and downhole tools while developing a deeper understanding of automating the drilling process.

uh drillbotics team


Mohamed Hawter
BS, Petroleum Engineering

Jorden Hawthorne
BS, Petroleum Engineering

Sai Sri Dudala
MS, Petroleum Engineering

Duc Nguyen
BS, Electrical Engineering

2021 Team

Lotanna Ohazuruike.jpg
Abhishek Raj.jpg
Austin Williams.jpg

Lotanna Ohazuruike

PhD, Petroleum Engineering

Abhishek Raj

MS, Petroleum Engineering

Austin Williams

MS, Petroleum Engineering

Erika Andrade.jpg
Usman Hussain.png
Brandon Le.jpeg

Erika Andrade

BS, Petroleum Engineering

Usmani Hussain

BS, Mechanical Engineering

Brandon Le

BS, Electrical Engineering

International Competition

Why an international competition? 2.2.1.DSATS, as part of the SPE, is a group of volunteers from many nations, connected by their belief that drilling automation will have a long-term, positive influence on the drilling industry. This diversity helped to shape the direction of the organization. The group feels that the industry needs to attract young professionals from all cultures and disciplines to advance drilling practices in all areas of the world. The winners of the Group A competition will receive a grant for economy class transportation and accommodations to attend the next SPE Drilling Conference and will present an SPE paper that will be added to the SPE archives of One Petro1 . Winners of Group B will publicly receive recognition of their achievement and have the opportunity to publish an SPE paper that will be added to the SPE archives of One Petro. DSATS believes recognition at one of the industry’s leading technical conferences will help encourage student participation. Also, the practical experience with drilling automation systems increases the students’ visibility to the companies that are leading automation activities.

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